Amanda Jenssen is one of Sweden’s leading artists

Amanda Jenssen

Amanda Jenssen is one of Sweden’s leading artists

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Amanda Jenssen is one of Sweden’s leading artists and one, that in comparision to most of her peers, really has what it takes to break internationally. Besides the raw talent, looks and attitude,
With (Hymns For The Haunted) her third album,
She now also now has gained the experience of the process of being a recording, touring and platinum selling artist in her home country.

On the new album Amanda shares songwriting credits with both longtime songwriter/producer Pär Wiksten (Wannadies) and for the first time with internationally accalimed songwriter-producer…
(Björn Yttling) (Peter Bjorn and John, Lykke Li). Both contributing to roughly half the songs on the album, my new album sounds different,

But it’s not something I planned. I really needed the time after I stopped touring with (Happyland) to reflect. If I had tried to hasten the process it would have been like picking unripe fruit. I realized I had to wait until the fruit was ripe.
Then I picked it, says (Amanda Jenssen).

It’s wild, boundless and expressive music that admittedly thrives in Sweden, but that could clearly step onto the great stages…
In Paris, Rome, Las Vegas, Berlin, London, New York and, in the best sense of the expression, (kill it)
Bold and big words no doubt , but the songs and the voice are worth them.


Amanda JenssenAmanda JenssenAmanda Jenssen

One has to go abroad to find a contemporary artist with similar expression. Adele, there is a conformity in the temperament of their music and in the vibrance of their voices. Amanda has nothing against the comparison at all.
Adele writes damn good songs, and has one of the greatest voices of our time, she says.

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