Daniel Shaw – Used To Be Official Video

Daniel Shaw – Used To Be Official Video

Star : Daniel Shaw
Song : Used To Be
Duration : 4:30
Date/Year : May/2019
Written By : Daniel Shaw & Jeremy Tabensky
Produced By : Bounce Recording Studios

About Daniel Shaw…

Like many of the greatest tracks in musical history,
Shaw’s songs begin with the intimacy
and closeness
with which you could imagine
he wrote the track for the first time : heart-broken and alone,
sitting at the keys, a spine-tingling piano melody rings out…

Yet as the track approaches the bridge and the stunning production starts to shine – the song is transformed into something epic and universal – with the atmosphere of the likes of Amber Run and Rhodes and the songwriting mastery of the likes of (Coldplay’s Chris Martin).

Slf : danielshawnow.com


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