VANYA – Zhivot Moy Lyrics (Ваня – Живот мой) 4K 2019

VANYA – Zhivot Moy Lyrics (Ваня – Живот мой) 4K 2019

Star : VANYA
Song : Zhivot Moy
Duration : 4:01
Date/Year : April/2019
Director : Nikolay Scherlev
Screenwriter : Nikolay Scherlev
Operator : Nikolay Scherlev

VANYA – Zhivot Moy Lyrics English Translation

A bottle of whiskey, a hundred cigarettes,
Oh, my life, I’m not giving you, my crazy life.
Cheers, I’m drinking a heavy break,
Pour my life, cry, my friend.

Another one told me the game,
My life has overwhelmed me,
My damn.

At it the tears washed them all,
My dear, I cry for you,
My dear.

My dear is my sun, my only one.
All the pubs already know me,
Oh, my life,
With me, my crazy life.

And people all know my pain
And they, my life, weep with me, oh, my life.
They take me pitiful and drunk,
Oh, my life,
Where did you stay, my crazy life?

I loved the tears with love,
my dear, the sea made them
My dear ones.
My dear, my sunshine,
My only one

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